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We welcome everyone. We have site canons, wanted ads and we love originals. Make yourselves at home and we hope you have a great time here!

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09/11/2016 Species Swap ICC event starts Friday the 16th! See this thread for more info! Event ends Sunday the 18th.

09/04/2016 RPG-D's Member's Choice awards have been chosen! Come take a look here!

08/19/2016 The awards are finally here. Nominate yourself if you qualify for one (or more) of them or nominate someone else in this thread.

08/11/2016 Come read our first Newspaper article located here! We have also started on our sub-plot series which can be read about here! We've also introduced Killables! Good luck and happy plotting!

08/09/2016 Say hello to our new skin Mischief! We will be removing the other skins soon. Plot updates coming soon, as well!

07/17/2016 Our third activity check is here. It ends on the 24th of this month, so make sure you post in it!

07/14/2016 On the 4th of this month, TW has reached its six month anniversary! We thank you all for being with us and welcome all those who want to join us!

06/24/2016 New awards have been posted! Congratulate our winners!

06/20/2016 New submissions for OTMs is now closed! We only have one tie, so please make your votes in this thread!

06/13/2016 Jcink's new Alert System has been enabled! Please read this thread for more info!

06/12/2016 It's time to vote for your favorites again! The code and other necessary information can be found here! Hope to see some new OTM winners!

06/06/2016 The Truth or Dare ICC event has ended. We hope you had fun and look forward to the next one. We also await your suggestions for others in this thread.

06/03/2016 Truth or Dare ICC event starts today! See THIS THREAD for more info! Event ends Sunday the 5th.

05/25/2016 Introducing OOC accounts! Please see the thread here for more info!

05/04/2016 We are four months old! Happy birthday to us! Thank you for being wonderful and let's keep having fun together ^^

02/04/2016 TW is now one month old! Hurray! And to many more anniversaries to come with all you wonderful members <3

01/04/2016 TW is finally open. We welcome you all!

01/03/2016 It won't be long now. We're making the finishing touches <3

11/13/2015 We are working on getting this site going! Be patient and check in once in a while.

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